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GPS Computer Academy gpscomputeraacademy@gmail.com http://gpscomputeracademy.com/ 03.02.2024 | 12:56
6. BCA:- GPS dot computer Academy is Bestdot computer Academy for BCA. BCA is full form bachelor of dot computer application. The duration of this course is 3 years. In BCA course we know information related dot computer science. In BCA course admission based on merit basis and entrance exam. BCA course is done by regular course and distance courses. In BCA we know subject relateddot computer science. To get required skill of BCA we need some important subject related to BCA:-
Cyber Security
Web Development
Graphic Design
Machine learning
Ethical Hacking
Programming languages like C, C++, Java, python etc.
Database management system
Data structure algorithm
Clouddot computing
Multimedia Applications

Job opportunities after BCA:- After thedot complete of BCA we get job in various field :-
Software developer
System administrator
Database Administrator
IT support specialist etc.

GPS Computer Academy gpscomputeraacademy@gmail.com http://gpscomputeracademy.com/ 03.02.2024 | 12:07
3. Graphic Designing: - GPSdot computer academy is bestdot computer academy for Graphic Designing. Graphic Designing is a process todot communicate and send information through visual arts is called Graphic Designing. to send information through people we use pictures, words, icon , and special effect and this type of information we get graphic designing. In Graphic Designing Graphic means visual.
In Graphic Designing our main purpose to make Graphic and this type of Graphic we used in printing, website and all other area.
Graphic Designer also called as visual dot communicator. To make visual concept we used our hand and used software ondot computer system. To make a better Graphic Designer we used various skills:-
a. Creativity
b. Software Knowledge
c. Time Management
d. Visualization
e. Gooddot communication skills
f. Team work
g. honour of visual design
h. good understanding of typography
i. good understanding of colour theory

Element of Graphic Designing:-
A. Line:- It is important Element of Graphic Designing. We provide line various way for example straight, covered, dimensional, three dimensional etc.
B. Shape:- It is important Element of Graphic Designing. Shape means figure, it is a 2D Area which created with the help of Line. In Design different type of figure are we used example Geometric, Abstract, organic shape etc.
C. Colour:- It is important Element of Graphic Designing. In Colour we check what type of quality of colour , how was the darkness of the colour, what was the type of family of Colour. All type of Colour Information we needed to Graphic Design. So, it is important Element of Graphic Designing.
D. Typography:- It is important Element of Graphic Designing. To Arrange the text is called as Typography. We change Design into text and changing Design into text we do Typography. When we add text in Design then text became bold, italic and this type of Typography bdot come more attractive.
E. Size:- It is important Element of Graphic Designing. In Graphic Designing size is important factor. In Graphic Designing size is important attention so that design bdot come more attractive.
F. Space:- It is important Element of Graphic Designing. To bdot come more attractive Design we used spaces between the text, images so that our Design looking Attractive so we attention space between text, images.

Kolkata Models rahul2563yadav@gmail.com https://arpitajaan.onepage.website/ 03.02.2024 | 07:26
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GPS Computer Academy gpscomputeraacademy@gmail.com http://gpscomputeracademy.com/ 03.02.2024 | 06:30
1. Digital Marketing:- GPS dot computer academy is Bestdot computer Academy for
Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing today bdot come a major source of
Marketing. In Digital Marketing We provide Marketing product via Internet
Globally. It is easiest way to Sell the product via Digital Marketing. We provide
Digital Marketing through various way:-
a. Email Marketing
b. YouTube Marketing
c. Social Media Marketing
d. Apps Marketing
e. Seo
a. Email Marketing:- To promote our product through E-mail is called E-mail
Marketing. The use of E-mail marketing in a way of dot company offer, Discount,
Event. through this way of E-mail marketing user go to a website page or
Lending page and this way traffic generate in E-mail. So, this is way of E-mail
b. YouTube Marketing:- today YouTube Marketing is also a major Source of
Way of Digital Marketing. In today era, People like video content. Mostly
People , like watching video more than reading. so, YouTube is the biggest
Platform to do Marketing.
Today, after google YouTube is most search engine. dot company promote our
Product way of YouTube. so that YouTube bdot come brand build platform of

c. Social Media Marketing:- We promote our product or business through
Social Media is called Social Media Marketing. We promote our product way of
Text, image, video, audio etc.

d. App Marketing:- We provide App Marketing to promote the product various
App. In App Marketing we run our ad and to promote our product through various
App. This way of selling the product is called App Marketing.

e. Seo:- GPSdot computer academy is Bestdot computer Academy for Seo. Seo is full form of search engine optimization. In Seo We provide our website to show top page or show our website in a high rank. This is called Seo.
In Seo user only check which website which show on first page of website. is the way of website to search website on a first page.

a. on page Seo:- It is a type of Seo. We provide level of content in on page Seo. In this type of Seo we understand google that this page is which type of context. We know some important context of on page Seo which is important to understand the page
Title tag
Meta description
Internal links
Structured Data

b. off page Seo :- It is a type of Seo. In off page Seo we check all activities which are not shown our website page. we provide off page Seo so that our website is helpful and authentic. To do off page Seo google check back links.

Benefit of Seo:-
1. It provide high traffic on website.
2. It grow our business.
3. The cost is freely available.
4. No ad is used so our advertisement cost is negligible.

GPS Computer Academy gpscomputeraacademy@gmail.com http://gpscomputeracademy.com/ 03.02.2024 | 05:38
GPSdot computer Academy is the best dot computer Academy in Jaipur. We provide live project training and give valuable placement. We are listed in topdot computer academy in Jaipur. our training courses are basic to Advance. We provide technical environment for students which are not techno friendly.

We provide many dot computer training courses in our academy:-
1. Digital Marketing
2. Seo
3. Graphic Designing
4. Web Designing
5. Tally
6. BCA
7. MCA
8. C language
9. C++ language
10. Java language
11. Python
12. Bdot com
13. BBA
14. English Spoken
15. Astrology
16. BA

Contact no:- 8104046134

Website:- www.gpdot computeracademydot com

Email id:- gpdot computeraacademy@gmaildot com

Address:- A-6, Path No.7,Sikar Road, Jaipur.

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Our whole goal is to find you the ideal Cheap Jaipur Escorts so you can contribute vitality. Consequently, our well-groomed receptionists on the inside are especially skilled. Additionally, can advise you on which young people would be the most suitable for your requirements.

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Respected Sir, Wedot come to Jaipur Escorts Service, Independent
The top High-Class Independent Jaipur Escort Agency in Astrakhan is thought to be Neva Agility Independent Jaipur Escorts. Not only is the workplace extremely well-known among executives and highly-positioned specialists and privileged persons. Moreover, Ultra-High-Net-Worthy People traveling to Jaipur or staying in the city. Additionally, to gorgeous and state-of-the-art Local Jaipur Escorts and Elite Jaipur Escorts.

GPS Computer Academy gpscomputeraacademy@gmail.com http://gpscomputeracademy.com/ 02.02.2024 | 12:51
5. Tally:- GPSdot computer academy is Bestdot computer academy for Tally. Tally is one of the most important software of Accounting. It is based on ERP Accounting software.
Tally course is done for financial report. Tally software is used for smalldot companies, mediumdot companies and largedot companies. Tally is used for calculating business enterprise ofdot company. dot company used all transaction, borrowed money, how much debit, how much credit all function is done by Tally. So today Tally is important software fordot company to financial accounting. To know Tally we used financial accounting . financial accounting is important part of Tally. Tally is used various way:-
a. Accounting Fundamental
b. Introduction of Tally prime
c. Voucher
d. Inventory
e. Bill wise entry and details
f. Stock journal
g. Batch wise inventory in Tally prime
h. Cost center
i. order processing
j. Price list
k. Bill of Materials
l. Zero value entries
m. Actual and billed quantities.
n. Debit and Credit notes
o. Interest Calculations
p. Multiple currencies
q. Export and Import xml data
r. Security control
s. Tally vault
t. GST (goods and services tax)
u. Sales the items: with in state : CGST and SGST applicable
v. Pay GST and update in Tally Prime
w. Payroll Tally prime

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